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We are Southern California’s premier provider of window tint and film services and products. Window films serve a wide variety of purposes for homes and commercial locations right here in San Diego and all across the world. From keeping utility bills low in a time of rising energy costs to keeping public venues safe in an era of increased security threats, window film is an invisible technology that surrounds and protects us every day.

At San Diego Window Tinting, we have strong partnerships with the very best window film manufacturers like 3M, Enerlogic, Llumar and Vista Films. Our access to premium products and years of industry experience allows us to solve any problem related to your windows. Add to that our commitment to the very best in customer service and attention to detail and you have results that can’t be beat. We are the clear choice for any and all window tinting needs for our San Diego home or commercial property.

Why window tinting?

Whether you are a homeowner looking to cut high cooling bills in half or a commercial building manager, who wants to curb the intense glare of the sun on your tenant’s window, window film is the smart choice. Our highly trained installers are the best window tint specialists in the San Diego area.

When it comes to your windows, we mean business. We use all of the latest products and advancements in window tinting technology to provide you with the best results. This means we are able to solve any problem related to your windows in your home or commercial location.

When It Comes To Window Tinting–Experience Matters

At San Diego Window Film, we have applied tens of thousands of feet of window tints and films over the last 10+ years. Our copious experience and product knowledge makes us the best in the business.

We understand what it takes to get the job right the first time, on time, every time. When you work with us, you’ll experience superior customer service, a smooth application process, and virtually no downtime for your location.

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privacy window film san diego


Meet with your clients in a comfortable, confidential space, protect the privacy of your guests or tenants, and more with privacy window film. Window tint provides privacy for areas where a higher level of seclusion and privacy is desired.

Give your conference rooms, restroom/shower areas, waiting rooms, or bedroom windows a beautiful look while also making them more functional. Window film provides necessary privacy without blocking light for life’s daily activities and sensitive matters. It’s available in a wide range of styles, is affordable, and is also highly aesthetically pleasing.

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glare reduction window film san diego

Glare Reduction:

It can be difficult to concentrate in an office or classroom where too much glare is present. Loss of focus, eye strain, and fatigue are just some of the many negative effects of glare. Having your windows tinted can solve the issue of glare without forcing you to cover up your windows.

Make screen viewing activities like watching tv and working on the computer more comfortable and enjoyable with one simple application. Glare reducing window film is just what you need to optimize the lighting in your home, office, or commercial building. Glare reduction film blocks solar glare and bright light, prevents eye strain, and eliminates distraction that causes a loss in energy levels and productivity.

Learn more about glare reduction window film.


Energy Savings:

It’s estimated that up to one third of energy loss that occurs in commercial structures is due to poor window insulation. Window tinting increases the insulating power of single pane glass and saves up to 30% on energy costs annually.

By using spectrally selective technology and heat blocking ceramic and metal particles, window tint filters light and rejects unwanted infrared heat and uv rays. In the summer, less heat is absorbed into the room so that you don’t have to use as much air conditioning. And in the winter, the opposite occurs and warmth generated by your heating system is held in place. This means you’ll consume less energy throughout the year and spend less on utility costs.

Learn more about energy saving window film.


UV Protection:

Uv radiation can wreak devastation on office, hotel, or restaurant furniture and cause upholstery, wood floors, and carpeting to lose their brilliant color and vibrancy. Tinting your windows can help keep your furniture and flooring looking newer for a longer period of time.

Window tint blocks out 99.9% of uv rays that cause colors to fade and lose their vibrant appearance. Additionally, it also prevents heat damage and keeps wood panels from cracking, splitting, and warping.

And the best part of all is that you get to keep the natural light you enjoy! Instead of blocking all of the light coming in your windows, window film singles out uv radiation only, so visible light still passes through freely. You’ll get the best of both worlds – a bright, beautiful space that’s free of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Learn more about uv protection window film.


Anti Graffiti:

Expensive to repair and problematic for business, graffiti is a pain to deal with, although a common one in San Diego. One easy way to avoid these unnecessary expenses and avoid the problem of graffiti is to install protective sacrificial films for your property. 

Anti graffiti window films protect metal signs, elevators, and bathroom mirrors from being damaged by graffiti. Graffiti protective films help save money on repairs and discreetly cover up scratches, marker, paint, and etching, making surfaces look like brand new.

Learn more about anti graffiti window film.

decorative window film chicago

Decorative & Promotional:

Branding is one of the most important parts of business. You absolutely have to get it right! And there’s no better way to make your brand shine than with decorative window film.

Beautiful, stylish, and practical, decorative window films turn ordinary glass into striking works of art. Decorative films can be printed with virtually any graphic, logo, color, or texture and are a creative way to add color and privacy to both interior and exterior surfaces. Add them to your office conference room, accent walls, or storefront for a unique, engaging look.

Learn more about decorative and promotional window film.

ballistic resistant window film san diego

Ballistic Resistance:

Disaster strikes at the most unexpected of times. You need to know that your building and occupants will be safe during an emergency, which means having a plan in hand. Ballistic resistant window film systems provide schools, office buildings, and commercial properties with an advanced level of security.

By using the power of nanotechnology, ballistic resistant window film alters glass at the molecular level to make it stronger and more resistant to impact. Glass injuries are among the most serious concerns when disastrous events occur. This is where ballistic resistant window film comes in hand.

When an emergency occurs, such as a bombing, explosion, natural disaster, or shooting, ballistic window film protects individuals visiting or working on your property by preventing glass from shattering. It’s the best way to protect your property from danger and can help you avoid having to close down your business for an extended period of time.

Learn more about ballistic resistant window film.

bomb blast protection film sand diego

Bomb Blast Protection:

Guarding against terrorist attacks and violent outbreaks is a challenge for any big city. But, unfortunately, in today’s world, these are events that we must be prepared for at all times. Bomb blast protection film can help keep your San Diego school, office, or business safe.

Bomb blast protection window films are one of the most advanced security window films existing on today’s market. These durable window film systems absorb impact and mitigate damage caused by explosions, keeping building occupants and interiors safe. They’re the perfect choice for learning environments, museums, banks, data centers, government facilities, airports, and more.

Learn more about bomb blast protection film.

exterior window film san diego

Exterior Refinishing:

Exterior surfaces degrade over time due to the weather and natural elements. In San Diego, this issue is even more prevalent due to the salt in the sea air which causes corrosion. When damage occurs, you need to be able to make the repairs quickly so that your reputation isn’t compromised. Window film offers an easy, cost friendly solution for exterior glass resurfacing.

When applied to the exterior of a building, window film conceals cracks, chips, and imperfections in glass and improves window energy efficiency. Buildings are given an updated, modern look and property owners save thousands of dollars on repairs.

Learn more about exterior refinishing window film.

elevator refinishing san diego

Elevator Refinishing:

If you have an elevator in your office or building that is damaged from graffiti or corrosion, window film can help. Window film offers a low cost alternative to replacing damaged metal panels or glass panes, making your elevator refinishing affordable and hassle free. It conceals scratches and dents in elevators, making them look newer, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing.

By applying a surface film with a metallic or glass finish, you can make your elevator look as good as new. All of the damaged will be discreetly tucked away under the film, so no one will even know it’s there. You’ll protect your reputation and you’ll be able to stay financially on track for the year.

Learn more about elevator refinishing film.

bird strike prevention film san diego

Bird Strike Prevention:

Have you ever witnessed a bird fly into a window or heard a sudden thump against the glass? Bird strikes seem like an unusual phenomenon, but they’re more common than you’d think. Thousands of birds die in this awful manner every year. They can’t tell that they’re flying into windows instead of blue sky and crash straight into them.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening. Bird safety films are an innovative solution that helps birds identify glass window panes more easily and avoid colliding with buildings. By installing bird strike prevention window film, you can protect San Diego’s bird population.

Learn more about bird safety window film.

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