No Secured Building In San Diego Is Truly Secure Without Nano-technology Security Window Film

Secured buildings are all around us in San Diego and they are secured for one reason and one reason only–to keep people safe from harm. Whether that harm is in the form of a robbery, a terrorist attack from a lone gunman or a group of shooters, secured buildings are designed to take the maximum hit with the least amount of casualties or injuries and hopefully an attacker that was thwarted. Security features on these secure San Diego buildings vary from location to location but one feature that is an absolute must is bullet resistant and bomb-resistant windows and the way to achieve those are through high tech security window films.

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Most window films we offer make for an additional layer of security by virtue of just having a window film over your glass. However, when it comes to secured buildings, something much stronger is needed. At San Diego Window Film, we offer the latest and greatest in security window film technology with films and adhesives that with nano-technology. It is true that no window, even the ones treated with the best security window films are truly bulletproof or bombproof. However, when treated with our C bond, high-performance security films, and window films, the windows on secured buildings can withstand high-velocity projectiles, a variety of caliber of bullets and some magnitudes of bombs. When it comes to secure, no building is truly secure without C-bond applied window films.

Other popular window films for San Diego secured buildings include anti-graffiti window films, energy efficient window tint, and glare reducing films.

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