Glare Reduction Film in San Diego

Glare Reduction Window Film For Your San Diego Home Or Business

Life is definitely beautiful here in San Diego and one thing there is no shortage of here is the wonderful sun. But getting a lot of sunshine comes with some drawbacks too–sun glare for one. Whether you are trying to enjoy the view of the lovely San Diego landscape from the favorite room in your house or trying to get some work done in a downtown San Diego skyscraper, the glare of the sun can be more than just annoying but rather an out and out impediment. The glare of the sun here in Southern California, especially in south facing rooms or at certain times of the day, can be unbearable. Glare reducing window film curbs that glare and gets you back to living your best life.

Glare Reducing Window Film For Even Out Hot And Cold Spots

Windows are prone to something called solar heat gain, which means that heat, essentially builds up on the glass of your windows and transfers heat irregularly into your home or commercial building. Hot and cold spots are created by virtue of the heat transferring unevenly through a glass and then into your interiors. Window film changes all that by both lowering and evening out solar heat transfer from the glass of your windows. The result? More even temperatures in your home and office building. For the homeowner, this means getting the full enjoyment of some of the most beautiful rooms in your home. For commercial property owners, studies have shown this means:

  • Lower Absenteeism
  • Higher Productivity
  • Increased Tenancy
  • Higher Value Tenants

Take back the best rooms and views of your home or business and make life more comfortable for the people that live and work with you by having glare reducing window film applied to your San Diego home or business right away!

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