C-bond For The Highest Level Of Window Security

When it comes to providing the best protection for windows from natural disasters or man-made attacks–C-bond adhesive is the product for the job. It is an industry leader in ballistics and bomb protection and for a good reason: unparalleled strength. It is scientifically tested and proven to give some of the absolute best results in protection.

The Science Behind C-Bond

The patented C-bond technology is the direct result of years of nanotechnology engineering. Through the manipulation of atoms and molecules, C-bond was able to strengthen glass on a molecular level, making it more flexible and harder to penetrate even when struck with a ballistics velocity blow. In the case of a natural disaster or a man-made attack, C-bond offers the most advanced protection on the market today.

C-BOND As A Window Film Adhesive Security Solution

All the amazing science behind C-bond makes for an invisible protective barrier that is resistant to high impact force and severe stress environments. When paired with window film products the result is a glass that when struck by a high-velocity object, retains shards within the immediate area after impact. This can save countless lives and needless suffering for bystanders to the impact area. This means it protects from catastrophic events such as hurricanes, bomb blasts, forced entries and ballistic attacks all of which are a threat to human life and property.

C-bond is a good investment for any commercial property or homeowner concerned about potential man-made or natural disasters.

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