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Hanita Coatings Window Film for San Diego Homes & Business

When it comes to glass laminates, no manufacturer carries as much knowledge or experience as Hanita Coatings. Hanita Coatings Window Films provide San Diego home and business owners a reliable solution for enhancing interiors and exteriors, making structures more sound, beautiful, and solar resistant.

Fueled by over thirty years of research and field testing, Hanita Coatings Window Films are designed for longevity, providing building owners a solution that not only becomes effective immediately, but also lasts long into the future. With a wide range of films available for decorative, climate control, and safety applications, Hanita Coatings window films make it easier for you to enjoy life at home and generate success for your business.

hanita coatings window film san diego

Hanita Coatings – Results that Last a Lifetime

Hanita Coatings Window Films are engineered to last. Hanita Window Films are designed and based on a deep understanding of pressure-sensitive and functional materials, and how they respond to external conditions. With durable options available for both interior and exterior applications, Hanita Coatings guarantee an outstanding ROI and are compatible with nearly all types of glazing, including vertical architectural glass, sloped glass, and plastic glazing.

Benefits of Hanita Coatings Film

When you opt for Hanita Coatings Window Film for your San Diego home, office, or building, you’re choosing a glazing solution that’s been devised and tested on the basis of real science. Hanita Coatings Window Films are an outstanding investment for any property, with the ability to considerably improve glazing performance.

  • Enhances sustainability by reducing energy use by up to 20%
  • Neutral, dual-reflective, and exterior options available
  • Safety films tested to abide by international glass safety standards
  • Immaculate, bubble-free adhesion for a variety of surfaces

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