Nano Tint Technology For The Toughest Of Applications

Nano Tint is essentially insulation for glass. It works like layers of clothing–retaining heat and blocking out cold. It is a liquid thermal insulation coating which, unlike other products, it is not a film. This innovative liquid application bonds directly to substrates and works best for single-pane glass and polycarbonate surfaces.

The Extensive Benefits Of Nano Tint

Just because the application of Nano Tint is different, doesn’t mean it is any less effective. In fact, it’s just as effective in benefits like:

  • Blocking 100% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Blocking up to 95% of Infrared (IR) rays
  • Maintaining 78% Visible Light Transmittance

Nano Tint For An Extremely Durable Window Tint Application

The difference in Liquid Nano Tint’s application method gives it the distinct advantage of being ultra durable. Liquid Nano Tint is painted directly onto the glass so it will not peel, crack, bubble or fade for at least 10 and likely more. We should also point out that Nano Tint reaches some places and glass structures that window film cannot like bent glass, irregularly shaped historic windows and textured glass surfaces. Even in these difficult areas, it protects fully–with year-round savings in any type of climate.

Nano Tint’s unique application makes it a great product for retrofitting windows that traditional films cannot adhere to or for applications where the film just won’t work.

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