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Solar Gard Window Film: Sustainable, Eco Friendly Solutions

The world around is evolving rapidly. What are you doing for your home or business to keep up? Solar Gard Window Films provide San Diego property owners with a way to make effective, long-lasting architectural improvements without going to extraordinary expense. Designed to reduce energy consumption, Solar Gard Window Films are designed with the goal of creating a more sustainable world by limiting energy consumption world-wide. Modernize your building and prepare for the future with Solar Gard.

The Solar Gard Guarantee

When you choose Solar Gard Window Films for your San Diego home, school, or building, you’re making the decision to invest your money in a solution that can not only benefit your life, but also the world around you. Solar Gard Window Films are created with eco-friendly materials and help minimize resource waste by preventing solar heat gain. Property owners experience a quick ROI and gain the peace of mind of knowing that their window tint will never lose color, clarity, or adhesion.

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Solar Gard Ecolux Low-E Window Films

Solar Gard Ecolux Low-E Window Films are the ideal choice for dual climate regions like San Diego due to their ability to balance temperatures throughout all four seasons. On cool days, this film will keep you warm and on hot summer days, it will help keep heat out of your building.

Solar Gard Panorama CX Window Films

Enjoy the views around your property without the need for window shades, blinds, or curtains. Solar Gard Panorama Window Films provide high heat rejection and have an ultra low level of reflectivity so that your views stay pristine.

Solar Gard Quantum Window Films

Experience the best of both worlds with Solar Gard Quantum Widnow Film for your San Diego property. Solar Gard Quantium films reduce heat and glare while also creating a safety barrier that protects against accidents and intrusion.

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