Solar Gard Window Film In San Diego

Living in San Diego is amazing.  It seems like the surf and sun never end.  While this is great for outdoor activities–the constant and bright sun does cause issues for San Diego home and businesses. This why window film is such an amazing addition to any home or business.  Solar Gard, as it were, is one of the best options in window film to protect your San Diego business. Easily one of our most popular and sought after films, Solar Gard has a number of residential and commercial applications.

Solar Guard For San Diego Homes

Whether you’re trying to improve energy efficiency, control the glare or simply get more privacy in your San Diego home–Solar Gard is the right film for you  Best of all they can be customized for a variety of shades and colors including reflective and clear options. Also, Installing Solar Guard on your windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Solar Guard For San Diego Commercial Spaces

When you apply Solar Gard to your commercial space, your building’s interior will be much more comfortable because this film rejects heat and insulates too.  This means significant savings on utility bills that can be incredibly high in commercial settings. Not to mention, adding Solar Guard to your windows will dramatically affect the comfort, increasing productivity and helping you retain your best talent.  Solar Gard also has security value for San Diego commercial spaces, not only will those passing by being unable to see your valuables through windows.  Additionally, these films make your windows shatter resistant and will even delay an intruder or reduce injury from accidents caused by natural disasters.

San Diego Window Film For Your Solar Gard Needs!

Find a wide range of Solar Guard options at San Diego Window Film. Contact us to see which one is right for your commercial or residential needs!

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